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Dave Simone President of Northern Illinois Irrigation, Dave has a degree in Applied Sciences, and studied Mechanical Engineering at UIC. With over 35 years in irrigation, he has spent all of it here in northern Illinois. Dave is registered with the Illinois Department of Public Health, a member of The Irrigation Association, Certified Irrigation Contractor, Rainbird Select Contractor, and an EPA WaterSense Partner. Denise Simone Secretary/Treasurer of Northern Illinois Irrigation, Denise is available in the office during normal business hours to handle scheduling of your service, or to help with any of your questions or concerns. Angelina Simone Gina is available in office to assist you with your needs.
About Northern Illinois Irrigation, Inc. Northern Illinois Irrigation Incorporated is your area Certified Irrigation Contractor. Our mission here is simple. While providing design, installation, service & maintenance for your lawn and plant sprinkler system, Northern does so with quality materials, efficient system design, installation practices well above the industry standard, and smart weather-based technology to insure proper water to your plant when it is needed. As a family-owned business since 2004, NII has been providing exceptional service and support to our growing group of irrigation friends going into our 12th season! Time sure flies! Smart Technology combined with Efficient Design! Please contact us to find out how you can start saving money and water while providing the right amount of water to your plants when they need it. Think Smart! Northern Illinois Irrigation, Inc. 630-830-1100 “Smart use of water!”
Dina Simone Dina is also available in office to assist you with your needs.
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